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When Krishnakumar Kunnath AKA KK Revealed Why His Wife Used To Complained About Him Singing At Home

When Krishnakumar Kunnath AKA KK Revealed Why His Wife Used To Complained About Him Singing At Home

When Krishnakumar Kunnath AKA KK Revealed Why His Wife Used To Complained About Him Singing At Home

One of the finest singers of all time, Krishnakumar Kunnath, commonly known as KK, was everyone’s favourite. He was one of the few singers or celebrities, who had zero haters. Such was his nature and personality. Despite being regarded as the greatest singer of his generation, he had recorded songs in more than nine different languages. Undoubtedly, picking some of his best songs is a mammoth task, as most of the tracks he delivered are pure gems. However, there are some memorable songs like Pal, Yaaron, Tadap Tadap, Apadi Podu, Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai, Aankhon Mein Teri, Piya Aaye Na, Zara Sa, Tu Jo Mila, and many more that speak volumes about his legacy.

Apart from being a successful singer, Krishnakumar Kunnath was an extremely dedicated family man. The singer hardly used to attend parties or award functions, as he had always prioritised spending time with his wife, Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna and their kids, Nakul Kunnath and Taamara Kunnath.

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Back in 2017, in a heart-to-heart conversation in Aaj Tak’s show, Sureeli Baat, late iconic singer, Krishnakumar Kunnath talked about his wife, Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna. The singer had surprisingly shared that his wife often used to request him not to sing in their house. KK had explained that he used to practice songs all day long whenever he was at home when his wife told him that he should stop singing songs all day long. The singer had also shared how he used to tease his wife by telling her that girls tried to hold him during his shows. Revealing the way his wife had reacted to it, KK had said:

“The sad part is, I sing songs at home all day and she tells me ‘please yaar don’t bother me now’. It happens very often. And I tell her ‘don’t you know how many people wait for me to sing outside? Girls even try holding me when I go for the shows.’ I lie to her. That does not happen too often. She’s like ‘Please do not bug me’. Though, there are times when she loves it…she is sitting and I sing for her.”


Going further in the interview, Krishnakumar Kunnath had also opened up about the way he had wooed his wife, Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna. The singer had shared that he used to sing romantic songs during the colony functions, which were dedicated to her. However, when KK was asked whether he used to stare at Jyothy during his singing performances in the colony functions. Answering this, KK had admitted that it was tough for him as his parents and all the elders were present at the functions. He had explained:

“Hope my wife Jyoti is listening to this. Jab maine usko pataya tha to yahi gana gaya tha. I remember I used to sing this song at my colony’s annual function every year. We could not do such things at the time. Our parents used to be there as well. We could not be so direct. I had to steal glances while singing. She did know about my feelings then.”

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In the same interview, Krishnakumar Kunnath had also recalled the time when he had sung a song for his wife, Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna, on the first evening right after their wedding. Calling it a beautiful and memorable evening, KK had shared that the song he had sung for his wife was the iconic song, Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Hain, originally sung by the legend, Mohammed Rafi. Not only this, but KK had also admitted that he had confessed his love to Jyothy, when they were in sixth or seventh class. He had said:

“We were very young, perhaps in sixth or seventh class. We were very young. When I understood my feelings, I confessed and told her ‘I need to have you as my partner in life’.”


For the unversed, Krishnakumar Kunnath had passed away at the age of 53 due to a heart attack while he was performing at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata.

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