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Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal’s Close Friend, Rohit Verma Reveals The Actress’ ‘Hunger For Love’

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal's Close Friend, Rohit Verma Reveals The Actress' 'Hunger For Love'

Popular Television actor Karan Mehra and his estranged wife, Nisha Rawal, have been hitting the headlines for their blame games for a long time. For the unversed, Karan and Nisha had tied the knot on November 24, 2012, and the couple is blessed with a son, Kavish Mehra. They were living happily with each other, until, May 2021, when Nisha had allegedly blamed Karan for domestic violence and abuse. She also filed an FIR for the same. Since then, Nisha has been living separately with her son, Kavish, and their legal battle has been going on.

Both, Karan Mehra and his estranged wife, Nisha Rawal have also been open to the media and revealed the reason behind their separation. On August 4, 2022, Karan had organised a press conference and also accused his estranged wife of having an affair with her rakhi brother, Rohit Sathia. Now, their close friend, Rohit Verma opened up about the same.

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In an interview with Siddharth Kanan, fashion designer, Rohit Verma opened up about his friendship with the estranged couple, Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra. He revealed that the estranged couple also had a dispute in their marriage in 2014, and it was their close friend, Rohit, who had saved their marriage. The fashion designer also shared that Nisha comes from a broken family, and thus she has a never-ending thirst for love. Elaborating the same, Rohit said:

“There were problems in their marriage in 2014 and I saved their marriage and made Karan understand where he was going wrong. But Nisha is that kind of a person that she is hungry for love. She came from a broken family and never got her father’s love. Her mother brought her up with a lot of patience. All of Nisha’s ex-boyfriends used to pamper her a lot. I have seen her journey. She is such a sensible girl and there’s Sarasvati in her tongue. She can convince anyone. That’s her plus point. That’s her USP. She’s not such a bad person. But when you stand with your friend and your friend goes on the wrong road, you have to tell them.”

In the same conversation, Rohit revealed that he was friends with Nisha and Karan from the beginning of their careers in the industry. He also added that he was the one who gave the first break to Nisha. However, the two of them aren’t on talking terms right now. Afterwards, Rohit was asked about Karan’s statement claiming that Nisha has a relationship with her kanyadaan brother, Rohit Satia. To this, Rohit added:

“Everything is very open. I am a very modern person. I am not against someone developing a feeling for someone. But one doesn’t have to forget their boundaries. I don’t want to talk openly about it because it is my family matter. For me, my friend’s (Nisha’s) integrity matters too. I have the same amount of love I have for Karan that I always had, although he has filed a defamation case against me. I am fighting.”

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Further, in the same conversation, Rohit explained the fateful incident which had happened in the estranged couple’s house, after which Nisha had filed an FIR at the police station. Explaining the situation, Rohit mentioned that whatever he had done was due to his concern upon seeing a friend with a bleeding head. In Rohit’s words:

“But at that time, the kind of situation that was, when you see a girl bleeding from the head, you won’t see left and right. I was not a part of that fight. When I reached there, their building friends had already called the police. I was silently standing and seeing Nisha’s bleeding head. While Nisha was leaving, she told Karan to say sorry and finish it off. But situation that night was so bad that everyone lost their mental balance. I just stood with my friend. Nisha is an adult person and she knows what’s right and wrong for her. Everyone takes their own decisions. We just stand by our friends. But that doesn’t mean that we are involved in their controversy, which as a matter of fact, is still going on. Both of them are very important for me. If I had a magic wand, I would want both of them to patch up. Not because I want to unite my family.”

What do you think about Rohit’s take on Nisha and Karan’s blame game? Let us know.

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