What is Information technology (IT) salary in different Countries

What is Information technology (IT) salary in different Countries

In general, IT occupations tend to have a tall information technology salary. This tall information technology salary comes from the specialized nature and particular information that’s required.

The normal salary within the Information technology (IT) field can vary widely depending on

the precise work title, the industry, and the level of instruction.

Concurring to the BLS, the middle yearly compensation for all data innovation occupations is around $86,000.

Usually, Much higher than the normal yearly IT salary for all occupations.

The normal information technology salary for an IT person’s employments can extend between $53,000 and $120,000.

and as innovation proceeds to advance these positions will continue to be profitable for companies.

IT callings come with an awesome entry-level salary plausibility,

Subsequently, you’ll anticipate customary raises and competitive compensation in numerous businesses contracting for Information technology (IT) positions.

In the event, that you’re curious about an energizing, ever-growing career that encompasses a high salary

and potential for proceeded compensation development, the field of data innovation may well be a culminate fit for you.

In Addition, WGU can grant you the aptitudes and accreditations you would like to discover victory in this field.

Our numerous IT programs can assist you to arrive at that tall compensation position inside this field.

Furthermore, normal month-to-month compensation counting lodging, transport, & other benefits.

Salary shifts severely between different Information Technology careers.

On the off chance that you’re curious about the compensation of a specific work,

see underneath for salaries for particular work titles.

Median, Percentiles and Salary range

Salary Range

  In Pakistan information technology (IT) salaries range start from 42,600 PKR each month

(Least average salary) to 134,000 PKR in each month (extreme average salary, definite extreme is higher).

Median Salary

In each month, Median salary is 77,200 PKR,

Suggests that half (50%) individuals working in Information Technology (IT)

are gaining < 77,200 PKR whereas other-half is attractive > 77,200 PKR.

Middle speaks to median salary esteem.

For the most, part talking you’d need to be on proper side of chart within gather gaining also median.


Thoroughly connected to median are 2 values: 25th & 75th percentiles.


Perusing from salary dissemination chart, 25% individuals working in Information Technology are winning 53,900 PKR whereas,75% them are winning >53,900 PKR.

Moreover,In Information Technology (IT) from a chart, 75% individuals working are winning < 99,200 PKR whereas 25% are winning> 99,200 PKR.

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