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Charu Asopa Confirms Filing For Divorce From Rajeev Sen, Says,

Charu Asopa Confirms Filing For Divorce From Rajeev Sen, Says, ‘I Have Made Up My Mind’

Charu Asopa Confirms Filing For Divorce From Rajeev Sen, Says, 'I Have Made Up My Mind'

Television actress, Charu Asopa’s marriage with Rajeev Sen has gone through a rollercoaster ride in the last three years. Rumours of their separation keep making rounds in the media. However, this time, they are finally parting ways. Charu has made up her mind to get divorced from Rajeev. Recently, the actress talked about filing divorce papers. 

For those who don’t know, on June 7, 2019, Rajeev and Charu tied the knot with each other. After two years of marital bliss, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen embraced the parenthood journey with the arrival of their daughter, Ziana. On November 1, 2021, Rajeev and Charu shared a picture of their then-newborn baby girl from the hospital. 

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Recently, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Charu talked about filing divorce papers. She shared that she had sent the divorce papers to Rajeev and he had told her that he wants a few things changed, and his lawyer would connect with her lawyer. But there was no revert from his side. Charu also added that she had made up her mind to part ways. Talking about it, Charu said:

“There are many issues and a lot has happened in these three years. Therefore, I have taken the decision of dissolving this marriage. I have filed for divorce, and have been sending legal notices. I just did not wake up one fine day and take the decision of getting separated. A lot of things kept piling up and that led to this decision. Many things have happened, and now, we have become fools outside where people say they keep playing breakup and patch up. I have made up my mind, and my lawyer has filed for divorce. I have already sent the divorce draft to Rajeev but he said that he wants some changes in it and his lawyer will revert. But it’s been almost a week, my lawyer has been calling his lawyer but she isn’t responding.”

Charu further added that her estranged husband, Rajeev run away from solving things. She shared that after fights, he would always move out. The actress also stated that once Rajeev said that he moves away to avoid the fight. However, it is Charu who is left at home to handle things and their child. Charu opened up about her feelings and said:

“Whenever there is a problem, he leaves the house and goes away. Once he said that he leaves the house to avoid fights but after you go away, I am left alone to take care of the child and the house. I am trying to save the relationship single-handedly. He always kept running away from the situations and that’s why the problems never got solved. In these three years of our relationship, the problems have just piled up on me, which didn’t get solved.”

Talking about her daughter, Charu shared that she wants to give her daughter, Ziana, a happy atmosphere. She also said that she doesn’t want her to know that their parents have an issue. And it also becomes difficult for Charu always to be happy while she is breaking from inside.

On the work front, apart from being an actress, Charu is also a YouTuber and often shares her life on her YouTube channel.

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